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Outerstuff Vendor Compliance Manuals/Instructions

  • OUTERSTUFF RETAIL DOMESTIC  - Spring 2023 (PDF) Click Here
  • Instruction on how to place sizer on the hanger (VIDEO) Click Here
  • GS1-128 Label Placement (Formerly Known As UCC128) OS 12-6-19 (PDF) Click Here
  • Quick Reference Guide Master File 9-2019 V57 - updated 9-25-19(XLSX) Click Here



Connectivity to Outerstuff Systems

Common Zebra Issues

  • Get IP address of your Zebra printer (VIDEO) Click Here
  • How to print PRN files (PDF) Click Here
  • How to manually calibrate Zebra printer (VIDEO) Click Here
  • How to Change the Width on the Zebra Printer (VIDEO) Click Here
  • How to Print PRN Files (PDF) Click Here
Outerstuff Application Manuals
Outerstuff International Section
  • Download Current International Compliance Manual (Fall 2022): Click Here